Dive into the toolkits

Male Ally

This toolkit aims to provide practical advice to men in how to be an ally to promote women’s voices as an individual, event participant, moderator and organiser.

Stepping forward

This toolkit provides tips and advice for women experts on stepping forward and being visible at events and media interviews.

Network Building

This toolkit provides practical advice strategic network building for women but also for women-led initiatives on how to build synergies and collaborations.


This toolkit is designed to help you think about diversity from all angles when you are organising a public debate, both online and offline.

Gender Balance

This toolkit provides practical advice at improving gender balance at conferences as well as countering excuses for manel debates.


This toolkit aims to provide practical advice to journalists on how to make the media more inclusive as well as provide tips to women experts on engaging with the press.

Who is BBBeyond

Supported by the European Commission, Brussels Binder Beyond (BBBeyond) builds upon The Brussels Binder initiative with the idea to bring the efforts of The Brussels Binder “Beyond” Brussels, across Europe. BBBeyond aims to achieve the following objectives:


Build a pan-European network of women expert databases, think-tanks and like-minded organisations across Europe that not only raises awareness of the issue of underrepresentation of women, but creates a synergy and collaborative space to promote women’s visibility.


Together with the creation of synergies from the BBBeyond network, improve the usage of existing women expert databases, share best practices and build an online repository that will gather them in one single place – The Brussels Binder website!


Co-create practical tools for diverse and innovative convening which includes the development of these toolkits.

So far over 80 like-minded organisations, think-tanks and women expert databases, representing 19 European countries have joined the BBBeyond network. If you are interested in joining the network and would like to know more about BBBeyond, you can contact the Project Coordinator, Emma Rainey.

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